Property Management

Investment properties provide passive cash flows, long-term appreciation, and impressive tax benefits. But managing a property on your own can be difficult because of the specialized knowledge required to maximize your ROI.

De Costa Realty proudly offers property management services to real estate investors in the Greater Tampa Metro Area. Our services include marketing, tenant screening, maintenance, financial reporting, evictions, and legal guidance.

Property Marketing

Our team uses sophisticated marketing and advertising techniques to reach a wide range of qualified Tampa Bay renters. This exposure helps you find new renters quickly to minimize vacancy loss.

Tenant Screening

We review applications for all prospective renters and complete a due diligence check to confirm that your tenants are well-qualified based. Our screening includes a criminal background check, financial review, credit history check, and renter history review.


A well-maintained property increases renter satisfaction and commands higher rents. Our maintenance support includes processing resident requests for service, coordinating with vendors,

and supervising the work. We also schedule regular inspections to confirm that each unit is well cared for and to watch for common area maintenance issues or preventative maintenance opportunities.

Financial Reporting

We keep careful financial records, documenting all rental payments due, rental payments received, expenses due, and expenses paid. New reports are generated monthly for your review.


If you ever need to evict a tenant, we can handle the process on your behalf, ensuring that the eviction is processed in accordance with all local housing laws. When the process is complete, we’ll find you a well-qualified renter to minimize the likelihood of ever having to repeat the process. 

Legal Guidance

Protect your real estate portfolio and personal finances by working with our property experts. With our industry knowledge, we have a deep understanding of housing laws and insurance guidelines, and we can help you stay compliant with these ever-changing requirements.

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