Through strategic pricing, staging, and advertising, we can sell the store of your home to a well qualified buyer.

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Every home has a story to sell. Selling your home for top dollar requires the right marketing strategy and expertise to tell the story of your property in a way that creates an emotional response from potential buyers. Our multifaceted marketing strategy includes pricing, staging, and advertising, all designed around the unique story of your home.


Pricing your home correctly is crucial for maximizing your selling price. Pricing too high can alienate buyers, particularly online where buyers narrow their search by price. Then, when you try to reduce the price, buyers may unfairly assume that there is a problem with the home. Pricing too low is also inadvisable because it can cause you to leave money on the table.

As market experts, we analyze local real estate pricing trends, to give you current, accurate, and relevant information for making a sound pricing decision. 


A few simple changes can widen the range of potential buyers that your home will appeal to. Knowing what today’s buyers are looking for, we provide a review of your current home staging and present custom recommendations for small measures you can take to attract more qualified buyers and net the highest possible sales price!


We will create a custom marketing plan for your home, designed to get maximum exposure to prospective buyers. We start by promoting your home to local buyer’s agents. A single agent could represent dozens of buyers, so by reaching these agents, we get your listing in front of thousands of active buyers!

Then we activate a direct-to-buyers campaign, where we increase the visibility of your listing through channels like social media, mailers, open houses, and email blasts. 

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